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Application Notes

Creating a 401 Map File
by Ann Nguyen

To Create a Map File:

  1. Select Build from Wintos (the yellow triangle from the pull down menu).
  2. Click on T twice (if you want to put the file in T directory).
  3. Choose Create or Build program (Select is for an existing file and Build is to create new one).
  4. Put in the name (you could use the same name of the map file program).
  5. Select Mapfile (you are now in Dos command, you have to use the keyboard, not the mouse).
  6. Select NewMapFile (for new one or Edit to edit the existing file).
  7. Once you're in the file, select F10, then type in generate (it has to be in lower case letters).
  8. At generate string prompt, type in J1-{1-64}@64.

This will create connector J1 from pin 1 to 64. First one is the name of the connector, things in { } is the pin numbers of the connector. @ sign is the number of how many pins you want it to print out. If you put in 24, it will only print out 24 pins of that connector. If you put in 128 then it will print out J1 twice.

Each line is a nail number. If you have J1-1 at the 1st line and J1-2 at the 2nd line, then J1-1 is nail #1 and J1-2 is nail #2. If you have any connector pin that is not connected then it is a good idea to put in the comment. Comment is the information for you, that help to identify the "not connected" pins only, the program wouldn't care. You can note it like J1-2 ; N/C. You do need to put J1-2 in the program (with or without the comment) since each line it counts as a nail number.

For example:


J1-1 the program considers here is nail #1 (J1-1 connects to nail or probe pin 1).
J1-2 the program considers here is nail #2
J1-3 the program considers here is nail #3

If J1-2 is not connected to anything and you don't put it in then it thinks J1-3 is now connects to nail #2 instead of nail #3.

J1-1 the program considers here is nail #1
J1-3 the program considers here is nail #2

If in the case that J1-2 is not connected and J1-3 is really connected to nail or pin #2, then you need to take out J1-2.

By leaving J1-2 in, will cause the program to think J1-3 connects to nail #3 and it will mess up the rest of your nail connections.

You can get more information on the generate command by type in ALT H at the prompt of => generate string:

After you're done creating your map file, Do ALT X, then W to save your program.

After get back to Wintos, edit in the program that you want to merge this map file to. Then:

1) Select F10 and type in:

a) ins_map then enter (this will ask you for the name of the map file you just created).
b) Highlight the file you want to select then enter.

This will put your mapfile in your .t program for you.


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