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Backplane Test Systems / Backplane Testers

Testronics Model 402LV Backplane Test System   Testronics Model 402HV Backplane Test System

Model 402LV
Very High Pin Count
Level IV + ICT
Backplane Test System

Up to 65,536 Test Points
(40,960 bottom side grid + 24,576 top side grid
Backplanes up to 60" (152cm) wide


Model 402HV
Very High Pin Count
500 Volt
Backplane Test System

Up to 61,440 Test Points
Backplane up to 60" (152cm) wide


Testronics Model 401 Backplane Test System to 402LV Backplane Test System Upgrade

Upgrade from 401 to 402

Upgrade your existing obsolete 401 to the latest generation system, our model 402. It's like getting a new system at half the price. Plus you can test larger backplanes as well as backplanes with more test points..



Backplane Profiling & Inspection System

  Testronics 3d BAckplane Profiling System  


Model 603d
Backplane Profiling & Inspection System

The Model 603d was developed specifically to detect compliant pin defects and Back Drill defects on large, complex backplane assemblies. Here are just a few examples of pin defects the 603d can reliably and repeatably detect:

  • Bent under pins
  • Broken pins
  • Wrong height pins
  • Back drilled hole defects
  • Debris in back drilled holes




Loaded Board Electrical Test Systems

Testronics Model 406A In-Circuit Test System & Manufacturing Defects Analyzer Testronics Model 406A In-Circuit Test System & Manufacturing Defects Analyzer

Model 406A
Low Cost Manufacturing Defects Analyzer

The 406A is designed to target the highest number of assembly failures for the least amount of capital equipment cost, programming time, and maintenance costs.

Model 406C
Analog In-Circuit Test System

The 406C is an open architecture power up test platform designed to facilitate the implementation of functional testing after the MDA test is completed.



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