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Application Notes

Wintos Installation Procedure
By Ann Nguyen

From main window in Win95 / 98 Operating System:

  1. Click at START (at lower left corner).
  2. Select SETTINGS.
  3. Select CONTROL PANEL.
  5. Click on WINTOS (inside the box).
  6. Click on ADD/REMOVE.
  7. Click on YES (this confirms that you want to remove the old version of software).
  8. Select OK when it’s done.
  9. Now select INSTALL (this is to install the new version of Wintos).
  10. Insert floppy #1 , then click on NEXT.
  11. Select FINISH (at Run Installation Program Page) and let it runs for a short time.
  12. Select NEXT (at Welcome Page).
  13. Select OK (at Warning Page).
  14. Type in your name & your company name. Then select NEXT.
  15. Select NEXT (at Choose Destination Location Page).
  16. Select NEXT (at Select Program Folder Page).
  17. Click on NEXT (at Start Copying Files Page).
  18. Now insert disk # 2 when asked for, then select OK.
  19. Select FINISH when it’s done installing (at Setup Complete Page).

Now you’re done. You can get out of the control panel page and get back to window.  There should be a new Wintos icon when you are done with the install.          

Note: You do need to recompile old programs that were written in different versions of wintos. If upgrading from DOS/TOS to Wintos, there is some risk that the test programs may need some debugging due to timing issue.

If problem occurs when running
test programs, please do these steps:

  1. Recompile the program.
  2. At Wintos window, click on setup, then system_config, then tstronic.ini
  3. At tstronic.ini file, check these points:
  1. Term_type = 2 (for the 405 type systems). Term_type = 3 (for the 401 and the 406 type  systems).
  2. 1stpin = 1 (Change to 1 if it’s not, if you’re using testronics’s  fixture).
  3. numpoints = (Enter in whatever number of points your system have).
  4. Do Alt X when you are done to get out of tstronic.ini. If program has changed then there will be a question at the bottom of the screen. Type in W to save changes. Y to get out without save. N is not to exit.
  5. Click on OK at Wintos page.
   4.  Check to see if tab setting is set by:
  1. Click on Wintos icon from the main window.
  2. Click on data (at upper top menu).
  3. Select display settings (this is to set display at the screen).
  4. Adjust tab stop by typing in the tab numbers you want (numbers of space you want between  each column). There should always be at least 1 number in that box.
  5. Click OK when you’re done with entering the numbers.

If everything is correct, you should be ready to load and run your test programs with  this new software.

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