High Speed Backplane Test & Measurement Systems

Testronics Model 402 Backplane Test System

Whether your backplanes have 600 test points or 60,000 test points, Testronics has a Backplane Test system perfectly suited for the most demanding throughput requirements

Model 402LV Backplane Test System for High Volume Backpanel Test

Testronics Model 402 Backplane Test Systems


High Volume? A single Testronics backplane test system can easily test on average 10,000 to 30,000 backplanes per month.

Reliability? Testronics backplane test systems perform year after year after year, (without expensive annual maintenance agreements). The model 401 was introduced in 1995 and the original systems are still in operation, 15 years later with millions of backplanes having been tested on them.


Testronics 402LV Backplane Test System

Testronics Model 402LV Backplane Test System

Up to 65,536 Test Points, Level IV / Analog ICT Backplane Test System.
(40,960 points bottom side + 24,576 points top side)


Testronics 402HV Backplane Test System

Testronics Model 402HV Backplane Test System

Up to 61,440 Test Points, High Voltage Backplane Test System. Available in 100V, 500V, 100V or 1500V Configurations.




Upgrade your 401 Backplane Test System

Upgrade your 401 Backplane Test System to our latest generation Backplane Test system, the model 402 Backplane Test System


Testronics Backplane Tester: 401 to 402LV upgrade

More information on upgrading your existing model 401 backplane tester...

You can upgrade your existing model 401 Backplane Test System to the latest generation, larger model 402LV. By upgrading, you can now test larger backplanes with more test points.



"Daisy Chain" Backplane / Card Cage / Rack Testing  

Testing a high test point count backplane / card cage / rack with ribbon cables and passive paddle cards can be extremely difficult, very slow and often times, unreliable. Significantly improve throughput, reduce weight, and increase test reliability with Testronics' model 406DC Daisy Chain Backplane Test System.

Testronics 406 D/C Backplane Test System Please contact us for more information on our active paddle card / "Daisy Chain" backplane test systems



 Electrical Test Systems

MDA / Analog ICT

Manufacturing Defect Analyzer

Analog In-Circuit Electrical Test Systems

Testronics' model 406 MDA / Analog ICT test systems provide an advanced test platform while staying well within today's tight budgets.   

Analog In-Circuit MDA Test


Testronics 603d
3d Inspection System

Non-Contact scanning of the backplane provides
a fast and reliable method of detecting
Backdrill and Compliant Pin Defects

3d measurement of backdrill depth & position

Testronics 603d Backplane Profiling System

The Model 603d was developed specifically to detect Backdrill and compliant pin defects on large, complex backplane bare boards and assemblies. Here are just a few examples of pin defects the 603d can reliably and repeatably detect:

  • Backdrill Depth Defects
  • Backdrill Position Defects
  • Male Pin True Position Defects
  • Broken pins
  • Wrong Height Pins Defects



Top Side Probing on 402LV Backplane Test Systems

The Model 402LV Backplane Test System provides for up to 24,576 test points on the top side grid, allowing you to reduce fixture cost by 10% - 20%

Top Side Probing on Testronics 402LV Backplane Test System
Top Side Grid with stripper plate removed